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Lacquerware Ginsai cup (red)

Lacquerware Ginsai cup (red)

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“Ginsai” is a technique of sprinkling silver powder on lacquer, applying and hardening the lacquer, scraping off the silver grains while polishing, and finally polishing it directly by hand to bring out the original color and luster of silver. By using silver, which has the characteristic of easily discoloring, you can enjoy well-aging in a relatively short period of time.

It looks like metal, but because it is lacquer, it is very light and you can feel the warmth (of wood) when you hold it in your hand.
Received the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at the National Lacquerware Exhibition

φ82×H70 mm Contents: 160cc
Materials: horse chestnut, lacquer, silver powder
Finish: silverwork
Production: Kawatsura Lacquerware Lacquer Workshop Settsu (Akita Prefecture)

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