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Filigree Earrings Akita rice

Filigree Earrings Akita rice

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How about wearing  the earrings "Akita rice" which is a special product of Akita. It is a simple but playful item.

■ Size
1 grain: length 9mm x width 5mm
3 grains: length 10mm x width 10mm

■Material: pure silver, silver925
*Please note that there may be slight differences in color and shape since each product is made by hand.

■About the handling of silver filigree products
・It may be deformed if excessive force is applied.
・After use, wipe off sweat and stain with a soft cloth.
・To prevent discoloration, it is effective to store in a zipper bag.
・Silver filigree works that have turned black due to sulfuration can be refinished at our workshop (Yadome Engraving Studio), so please feel free to contact us.
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